I’m going to venture out to say I am bold. Not because we are doing something that other families haven’t done. I believe that most surfaces have already been scratched all over this world by young families; some by choice and others by none. I’m using the word bold because of where I come from. My beautiful partner Paul is lucky to be European in many ways. I would say my favorite thing about his culture over all is how it almost goes unsaid that you graduate from college and go on an epic “holiday.” Some take a few months while others take a full year. This thought is further proven by all of the both young and old souls I’ve come across in my world travels. Where I come from some, not all, never make it out of the country, literally and figuratively, much less on a plane. While I find a lot of value in being close to family, doing what you know and being ‘safe’, if that’s what truly makes one happy, I cannot imagine having stayed put. I can’t even say I miss home because my teeny town lent itself to being bullied and considered weird. Perhaps my ‘weird’ is the very thing that has landed me in South America with a sexy partner and a 6 month old baby. Before Paul had come along I started peeking around the world a bit. I don’t think we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into when we met and it turns out we are both pretty wild spirits. As my sister says, “Hold on Sky.” Paul’s charitable work has taken him all over the world. I am happily sprinkling a bit more stillness and play into his travels.

Now back to being bold…. We have done something I certainly dreamt of but had no idea I would actually do! We left our beach bungalow behind for 3-4 months to travel and explore different cultures. If you keep in touch with me you probably read when we were considering answering the call to our wanderlust. If it were just Paul and I there would be NO QUESTION. Things change a bit when there is a little human involved. Whether you are a mother or not, if you love to travel you have probably always said you’d carry on with life the same by taking your baby along on adventures. I can tell you right now, nothing prepared me for having a little tiny. Everything about me has changed forever. For one, being a first time mother means the worry barometer is off the charts, but Paul and I are following this Peruvian thought….



It is kind of funny how my fears seem to spring me toward things that freak me out the most. Before leaving our cozy home I had to swallow the idea of flying over and over again. I’m secretly scared shitless of flying even though I’ve traveled many places in the world. I had to swallow the idea of leaving behind my creature comforts and my mommy creature comforts. I frequent the same restaurants, coffee shops and parks. We left behind Sky’s beautiful stroller, our bohemian style floor beds that she was free to roll off of, our food and flower garden, the ocean and our cool friends. I had to swallow the idea of using diapers and baby wipes that aren’t biodegradable and all natural, although I packed as many as I could to Paul’s un-liking (hahahah). I had to swallow the idea of trusting that the fruit and vegetables that I am giving Sky are as close to organic as possible less her not getting to experience and taste other cultures. I had to be ok with being a small part of the environmental destruction of plastic bottles to keep our family safe as it pertains to water. I had to give up my most valued attribute in my eyes and the very thing I am most known for amongst my tribe; stillness. We have already been on multiple planes, in taxis and trains and quite a few hotels. Finally one of the biggest realizations… GERMS. With new cultures comes new antibodies. In South America the people LOVE babies and Sky loves them. I am totally down with her being exposed to germs as I know they help her grow stronger but I had to immediately let go of the idea of her not being touched by strangers. Not only do they reach for her face and hands, but she reaches for theirs. They take her out of my arms before I can say, “Hola.” It is very important for Paul and I that our children are loving and nurturing (and no I’m not pregnant yet). Of course I’ve had a few encounters where I pulled back but I am trusting that she will be protected by the sheer power of love and mama’s intuition. I believe that good intentions go a long long way. These Peruvian women and men just want to love up on this baby, “Aye Cielo… Que linda… hermosa hermosa ,” and so it is.

I will continue sharing our family adventure. I could keep writing now but I am on borrowed time. Sky gifted me with a morning nap. God knows there ain’t no blogging when this little bean is awake. Stay connected if you’re inspired by our madness.

Love from Peru!

Papa Paul, Sky Baby and Mama T.