Wild At Heart

well hello my little pretty. i hope this love letter has found you in
good spirits & health.
do you ever get a deep feeling of the need to explore & discover life?

you know the feeling i’m talking about… your mind wanders when you’re sitting at work waiting to get off and do what you ‘want to do’ instead of doing what you ‘have to do’ or when you hear about friends traveling outside of the country and you are totally happy for them but you can’t help the feeling you get in your chest and stomach or when you read an article about someone quitting their job, selling everything and exploring the world and themselves for months into the year or when your mommy & me friend decided she and her husband should immerse their kids in the culture and language of their ancestors so they spend every summer in spain or when you find a journal entry you wrote years ago about learning to dance, going back to college, finding love or taking a road trip with your high school best friends. i mean the list goes on right? there are so many things our heart desires that we set aside to ‘live our lives’. the question is… are you truly living when you do not allow your heart to lead you…when you do not do the things that you love…when life becomes more about surviving instead of thriving…when you cage your hearts desires…when you silence the fire that burns within to
explore, discover & dream ???

you know what’s next right? here’s where i share ways to reignite your fire to live life to the absolute fullest!!!

1. write down your 5 wildest dreams followed by your 5 burning desires
(the desires that keep you up at night in deep thought).

for some, these are two totally different things. really take some time to think about what your heart desires more than anything. take more time to explore your wildest dreams no matter how big or small. once you’ve gathered your list write down the things that you feel have kept you from these desires and dreams. now here’s the key. once you ask yourself these questions you must start to listen to your heart. start feeding your soul.                                {start creating your plan with tiffany today}

2. acceptance

to spread your wings into discovering life and living to your fullest give yourself the gift of complete acceptance and compassion. be truly thankful for your life as it is. really accept that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment and appreciate your freedom to explore and discover yourself and your life further. release the limiting thoughts of being too old or it being too late or not having time or not being good enough. believe in your courage and power that comes from within.

3. explore: we must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.

step outside of your comfort zone a little. start exploring. this doesn’t mean you have to go out of the country. it means removing yourself from your norm. whether it’s setting out to do a 6 hour hike or backpacking in europe, exploring will give you a little taste to make you want to discover more about yourself and your desires.

4. be the star in your film!! be an active participant in your life 
this means don’t just let life pass you by. start taking action toward your hearts desires. it’s simple… if you want to sing… sing. whether its in the shower or inviting a few friends over for a sing along.
if you want to move, start packing. start getting rid of things you don’t need, start boxing things up and setting them aside and most importantly start writing down your ideal living situation and believe that it will happen.
if you want to travel…travel. if you can’t make it halfway across the world start with local trips. find volunteering programs. start reading about places you want to explore.
if you’ve always wanted to do yoga…do yoga. grab a friend and make a commitment to one another to go 2 times a week.

the point here is do what you want to do. live your hearts desires.


blend & enjoy!!!

good song for cooking with a glass of wine!

 hey now!!! guess who’s going on an adventure for the month of may?!?!

your’s truly

in celebration of being blessed to live on this earth for another year i have decided to fulfill one of my biggest dreams. i will be completing a 200 hour yoga certification course in the one and only beautiful costa rica. the interesting things is my goal is not to come back home & be a world renowned yoga instructor. i believe yoga plays a wonderful part in self discovery. i trust that this coming month will open my heart beyond my imagination.
with that said…
i still want to connect with you.
will you do me a huge favor??

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my goal is to document this wonderful journey and     i would love for you to be apart of my experience.