heart stairs

Whether you are wrapped up in the arms of your lover, miles away from your favorite person in the world or alone, you can’t help but acknowledge today; Valentine’s Day. Unless you’ve barricaded yourself in the house with no television, no computer and no phone you have seen all of the red and pink hearts, the “I Love You” balloons and the overstock of roses everywhere. It’s interesting to witness how different people react to this day. Everything from the people who claim to hate this “commercialized” day so much, but still can’t help but post about it or talk negatively about it, the boy friends that say they don’t want to be forced to make their girl friends feel special just to be defiant or unbelievably lazy, women and men who genuinely feel sad because yet another “lover’s day” passes by in singledom, the women who get together to keep each other company so they aren’t lonely on this day, the people who simply treat themselves to the spa, lunch and flowers; using this day as an opportunity to self love, the couple that is fighting because someone didn’t do something special enough or the bloggers like myself, who feel the need to write or post something clever on instagram about this day every year.

Perhaps you know these people or have experienced something similar. These scenarios are all a testament to how much each of us can be affected by society, our environment and the things we choose to pay attention to. Here’s a question for you… What do you think today and other holidays would feel like if you had a practice of self cultivation and awareness; meaning you wake up to the rituals of meditation, perhaps journaling, moving your body and you spent most of your days in the world less and going internal more? Or how do you think it would feel if you cultivated internal practices with your family or your lover? What would change about these holidays?

I could go on and list my “how to’s” or my “10 greatest ways”, but sometimes I just want to strike up your inner dialogue. Perhaps it will lead you to making small shifts that change your perspective on the world around you. Perhaps these questions will inspire you to create rituals and daily practices that redefine your existence. I sure do hope you are somewhere loving and appreciating yourself. Today and everyday. signature tiffany savion