Life has this way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. Be it good, bad, or indifferent we must give way for life to happen. How many times have you found yourself fighting against a direction that fate seems to be pulling you? How many times have you wished something went one way but life would have it that it went a totally different direction. Would you consider that perhaps, while we orchestrate and attract each and everything that comes our way and we do take a huge part in writing the script of our existence;  it may very well already be written? Here in lies the reason we absolutely must stay true to ourselves. We must honor our minds, bodies, and spirits. We must live in a state of gratitude and graciousness. We must surrender to the higher power of our own beliefs and trust that we are never alone, always guided and loved. Lastly we must lean on the idea that perhaps if something doesn’t feel right inside, it may very well be our higher power giving us clear guidance. 

Surrender to the idea that there may be tough times but greatness is coming your way. Even in the center of the storm find a way to focus your energies on what’s good and positive; it will attract more goodness and positivity. Continue to trust your intuition. Continue to do the things that make you feel amazing.


signature tiffany savion