I’m sitting inside listening to the melody of rain drops and I’m loving it. The day is gray leaving every room in the house with a hint of darkness. The sky decided it was time to open its heart to our battle with the drought. We are in need of a good soaking but those of us who love the rain really love it and those of us who don’t… well…really don’t. When I decided to leave the house and brave the puddles for a good splash, everyone that I chatted with along my rainy adventure seemed to feel low. I heard a lot of, “I feel so tired today. I’m bored. I’m depressed. I feel trapped inside. My body is aching. ” This inspired me to share the bright side of a storm. Everyone knows I love the rain; especially when I can choose whether or not I want to go out in it. Rain gives me a good reason to both move slowly and sit still. The sound creates a tune of peace and calm.  The next time you are lucky enough to choose how your rainy goes try:

Draw a beautiful bath.

If you’re just sitting on the couch why not sit in the bath instead. Light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine on the way in. If you don’t have have a bath take a long shower.

Meditate and or practice yoga

Maybe you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever coming on. Take a trip to your mat, close your eyes and take yourself on a journey through movement or intentional silliness.

Write a blog or a sweet email to a friend

If the rain is keeping you in for the day and you feel a bit isolated, sometimes reaching out to others can make you feel more connected. Write a newsletter to your fans or an email to a friend.

Do some art journaling or free writing

Rainy days can be quite gray. Brighten your day with colorful pens and your journal. Write a story, a song, poetry or set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind.

Read a good magazine or book

It’s so easy to buy books and magazines but not take time to read because of everyday life. I love books and magazines. They engage the mind, spark inspiration, tell stories and take you on a journey. Curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and a good read.

Cuddle up

Grab your pet, your lover, your friend or even your favorite pillow and get close. No explanation needed! 


Paint or Draw

Get your hands dirty. Grab some paint or colored pencils and create!

Brave the rain

Go out to a movie. Go for a run. Put some rain boots on and splash in some puddles. Be a kid a gain.

Happy Rainy Days.

photos via pinterst