For some of us it feels like the months are just falling off of the calendar without a chance to catch the days and weeks. Of course there is always something there to bring us back to our senses, be it stumbling over so many months you miss precious moments or focusing so much that its a surprise when you finally “arrive.” Living amongst and connecting with conscious and spiritual people just doesn’t allow one to escape the beauty of simple life occurrences.  In the world of the conscious we slip up, get lost, experience highs and lows and still manage to be pulled back to groundedness by returning to our rituals by way of our own discipline or the example of our peers. One of the most beautiful rituals that I’ve stumbled upon is the acknowledgment and celebration of a NEW MOON. Now as most of you know, there are many facets to what I’m made of. A few years ago I would have said what I AM, but with never-ending  growth and understanding the concept of I AM finally seeped into my pours. In every day life it is “normal” to proclaim what and who we are. You hear it every day; I am a lawyer. I am a teacher.  I am a goddess. I am an atheist. I am a yoga teacher. I am an author.

In sharing my New Moon experience with you, I would have felt the need to label myself as a hippy or a gypsy to excuse my talk of something that isn’t common knowledge to my tribe or a little different than my normal blogs.  Changing my language around this idea has somehow set me a few stints freer from the tethers of modern day living and societal norms. And so at the moment I am feeling quite inspired to share my journey and rituals for the New Moon and the month of October.

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Let’s geek out for a minute first.  Sarah Petruno says, ” The new moon marks the start of a lunar cycle, where the moon travels around the earth. Occurring approximately once every 29 days, this is a time when the Earth, Moon, and the Sun are roughly positioned in a line, with the Moon sitting between the Earth and the Sun.  The positioning of the sun and moon is responsible for moving entire oceans, managing tides, and even regulating the growth of plants and the breeding cycles of animals. If, as humans, we were to think that we were immune from these effects, we’d be sorely mistaken. Even changes that are seemingly so far off have ripple effects in our lives.”  

I couldn’t help but bring this perspective in for my logical, pragmatic and non hippy dippy tribe. Chatting about the moon as it relates to our emotional state may seem pretty far out there but if you dig even a tiny bit you’ll see years and years of research on our emotion’s relationship with the moon. So what can we do with this NEW MOON situtation? Why thanks for asking my dear. We can create beautiful rituals and use it’s energy to create some shifts in our lives. I have decided to spend the month of October dedicating myself to the intentions that I set at New Moon.  I write intentions quite often but this time I decided to write them as not only wishes and desires but to write them in the now. This means instead of, “I want to be a better listener, I would write, I am an amazing listener or instead of I want more financial abundance, I am abundant in all areas of my life. “

You can use the next 29 day lunar cycle to breathe light and life into your wishes and desires. What better way to do that than to bring your wishes, desires and intentions to the forefront of your heart, mind and soul, acknowledge them and start believing that it is already done. Let me share what this will look like in my world starting today.

  1. New Moon Ceremony. It sounds like a big to do but I found it really beautiful to simply do the following: go into a sacred space at home

    light a candle

    connect to the breathe

    meditate on desires + intentions

    write them down

    plan to read them daily


  2. Daily Meditation.  Now that I am clear on my intentions and desires today I will begin 30 days of meditation. If you are a beginner try this.sit comfortably

    close your eyes

    breathe naturally

    when the mind drifts simply reconnect with your breath

    (click the mandala to download my free guided meditation if you need a little help)

  3. Attitude of Gratitude. This may take a little effort but try it. For the next 30 days I plan to:

wake up & smile

take a few conscious moments in bed to think about what I am grateful for

spend my days celebrating all of the goodness around me

attempt to not complain about a single thing

connect with nature

Ready.. Set… Go!