complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

It’s interesting to step outside of yourself and peer into your life’s journey as you travel through different experiences. You get to observe how you are responding to the things that happen around you, how you’ve evolved over time, the things you’d like to see improve, perhaps you even find yourself judging where you are in life. It certainly takes some courage to go internal and look within objectively.

Wherever you are in your life today, can you think back to how many times you had no idea how you’d pull through your current events and somehow someway it always happened. In the end everything was ok. Go ahead… push the pause button and think back for a second. Over the years your journey may have been a struggle, but aren’t you still alive and well? You still have breath in your body, you are still showing up for yourself and those around you every single day, you are still reading things to help inspire you, you are still learning and seeking, you haven’t given up and more than anything…. you’ve made it to here.

In your mind it may or may not have been your faith that got you through challenging times. May I suggest that from this day forward, faith and love be the very things that lead you? Your life is living proof that in the end all is well. Now… Let’s be clear; you may be thinking, “well Tiffany…how can you say all is well when I didn’t get that job I wanted or when my partner of 11 years left for someone else or my best friend died leaving behind young children or I have a disease that causes me to suffer everyday.” I’m with you. Things don’t always turn out the way we think they should but can you agree that somewhere down the line you realized why things had to happen the way they did? Can you agree that there is a rhyme to every reason although we may not know how and why at every turn? Can you agree that when one door closes another opens? That each of us are on our own paths…each of us are individuals and when its our time to go its our time to go, while acknowledging that this fact doesn’t make it any easier losing someone you love or fearing the loss of your own life? Can you agree that you belong with someone who is fully committed and invested in themselves as individuals as well as in you two as partners? These points bring me back to stepping outside of yourself for a moment or if it resonates more for you, going internal. If you can take some time to quiet your mind which can sometimes lead to wrapping yourself around the things that are happening as you move through life and where you are standing within it all, you’ll realize just how much faith has carried you through and led you to being just where you belong. Of course you have different driving forces…your why. No matter the case, it is your faith and belief in yourself or something that keeps you opening your eyes, getting out of bed and taking strides again and again. On the days that you can’t manage to pull yourself out of darkness, joy comes in the morning, whatever morning it may be. Maybe its a long time coming but it does come. There are glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel. Having faith in yourself is the very things that gave you the courage to face the storm, press forward in life and to keep on living.

If you are reading this to yourself saying that faith is not your reality I would like to invite you to reread this as your truth. Reread this stating that you have faith and confidence in yourself to keep choosing life and happiness. Believe that your faith will carry you through today and always.