every single day i wake up to a new adventure. traveling roads more narrow than my body just at the edge of a cliff, hopping from plane, to bus, to train…. people speaking in a foreign language, eating food that i’ve never tried before. leaving behind my inhibitions to truly experience new things and new ways of living. amazing? 100%. challenging and a little scary at times? ummmm… yeah. connecting to my breath in meditation a few times a day saves me.

finding the ocean is another way i reconnect with home. the sound of the waves make me feel like i’m just a rocks throw away from my little haven in venice. in every country i travel to i seek out the locals way of life but still manage to find the things that keep me grounded and connected to where i come from.

being in england last week was very much like being in the country roads of virginia….brick houses, horses, vast plots of land filled with green grass. spending time in the garden and harvesting for meals of the day took me back to watching my grandmother’s hands planting and picking our meals on the farm.

now here in spain… it’s beautiful…very different from the little urban home in venice. the history here is insane. i feel like the walls are whispering. music, years and years of evolution, architecture from different eras, scents and walks of life. the culture here is alive and well.


a bit sensory overload at times yet i’m constantly feeling my curious mind being filled and my soul being fed. i guess my adventurist heart wins over my fears and staying in my comfort zone.✈️ so….if you find yourself with a wanderlusting heart taking you far from home, which i often do, find a sound or a place that brings you right back to it. i believe we reside within ourselves. where we live is simply that…where we physically live. home is where your heart is. i’ve got mine with me everywhere i go. sending love from the vibrance and magic of spain.