16 Octdigital detox

How much time do you spend looking at a screen. Phone, computer, Ipad, television…. How many times have you looked up…

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16 Octwild at heart

Wild At Heart… well hello my little pretty. i hope this love letter has found you in good spirits & health. do you ever get…

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16 Octjoy is free

As you may know I spend a lot of time at the ocean. Connecting with the earth and nature is an…

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16 Octamazing story

I read this story and I just had to share it. Last Ride I arrived at the address and honked the…

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16 Octfall fruits and veggies

Eating in season is the way to go. when i went to farmers market this morning it clearly looked like fall….

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16 Octsoul searching

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and am often led back to the same words. 1. Your answers are within. 2….

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16 Octjournaling: create your ideal life

i’m always looking for ways to inspire any and everyone. i want to connect with you in hopes of opening your…

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16 Octi heart artichokes salad

i got quite a few recipe requests for one of my favorite salads. this nutritious green goodness is packed with vitamins…

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16 Octtwo hands

This pictures and these words define what I want my existence on this earth to be and to symbolize. So often…

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16 Octshake it baby

OMG!!! I decided to throw some goodness into my blender this morning. Little did i know it would become one of my…

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16 Octlove in moderation

isn’t it funny how we evolve in life. day by day i learn more and more about myself. i feel it…

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16 Octthe truth about coffee

This is for all of my coffee lovers. A quick peek at the pros and cons of coffee!  

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