12 Janan enchanted year

Since my travels to Bali I have been quite inspired by the idea of living in the world of magic and…

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05 Janintentions

 Happy New Year Beautiful!! Its seems we are in agreeance that 2015 was quite the ride. The beautiful thing is everyday…

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06 Novdo you believe in magic?

I was on a plane heading to Miami a few months ago. While all of the adults around me were…

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17 Octtears and fears

I’m sitting alone in my San Francisco hotel room overlooking the city with tears rolling down my face. I traveled here…

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17 Octhow are you living?

I love sharing my journey with you. Every single day I learn something, see something in a new light and feel…

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16 Octrock your world

Isn’t it funny how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the coming of the New Year…

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16 Octwho am i

I spent my birthday reflecting on the choices I’ve made over the years, observing where I presently am as it pertains…

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16 Octa swift kick in the a**

{My truth} This is the footprint I want spread across the world. LIVE bright. LIVE bold. LIVE wildly happy. LIVE vibrantly healthy. I had lunch with my dear friend and she said she…

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16 Octfood for your mood

 It is so much easier to create balance in your life when you take amazing care of your body. Part of…

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16 Octno more valentines day blues

You’ve gotta love all of the different thoughts and feelings that come up around Valentine’s Day. A few : People who care…

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16 Octweekend love

Getting the most out of your time off The week has finally come to an end and you are free to…

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16 Octyou are beautiful

Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Do you know what makes you more beautiful than anything is your unique…authentic  self? This…

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