05 MayHappy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!!! Hello my beautiful friend. Fair warning: This might be a lengthy love note… I mean it’s only…

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21 Aprbeginning yoga

I’ve come across a lot of wonderful people in this world who have only scratched the surface of yoga including myself….

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17 Mar6 Morning Rituals To Spark a Magical Day

You know those days that feel more amazing than any other day? The days that the sun is shining or you…

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26 Maywild + free family

I’m going to venture out to say I am bold. Not because we are doing something that other families haven’t done….

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26 Maywanderlusting

I’m sitting in a hotel on the beach only 5 minutes away from our house at the moment. I come here…

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24 Mayrainy days

I’m sitting inside listening to the melody of rain drops and I’m loving it. The day is gray leaving every room…

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07 Febone step at a time

For many this is a time to reflect on how life unfolded over the course of the past year and how…

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07 Febnew moon = magic + miracles

For some of us it feels like the months are just falling off of the calendar without a chance to catch…

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07 Febhaving faith

faith fāTH/ noun. complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It’s interesting to step outside of yourself and peer into…

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06 Febexploring

every single day i wake up to a new adventure. traveling roads more narrow than my body just at the edge…

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06 Febfeel good

You’ve been around long enough to know what if feels like to feel good and what it feels like to feel…

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06 Jannothing compares

How often do you find yourself comparing your life, looks and likes to someone else’s? I spend a lot of time…

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