Hello beautiful!

I’m Tiffany

Holistic lifestyle designer, writer, curator of

beautiful things & experiences with a mission to

spread the goodness of Wild Happiness and Vibrant Health.

 If you are visiting me I can imagine you are perhaps  interested in getting to know me, wanting to become happy + healthy,  feeling a strong pull to make some changes in your life or perhaps a new coach looking for guidance. No matter the case, I am here to welcome you with open arms. My deepest wish is for this community to be a haven that inspires + empowers you, warms your heart, makes you giggle and guides you in

living a life you love. 


My Tribe

I co-create with soul searching women who are in this for the long haul. Women who are ready and willing to dig deep. Women who are learning to ask for help. Women who are open to {loving} self examination to bring forth truths. Women who desire to live on a high vibration. Women who are willing to take chances despite their fears. Women who believe in love. Women who dream big.

The Renegades. The Rebels. The Relentless.

You + I

I partner with you in creating a beautifully balanced lifestyle from the inside out. During our time together we will delve into your roadblocks, deepening your self love and clearing your limiting beliefs so that your soul is ignited. Our work together will help you identify what you truly desire, what truly feeds your soul, create happy + healthy lifestyle rituals and encourage you to step into your power, passions and purpose.

You took the first step by showing up today.

Now buckle your seatbelt baby.

Lets Ride!


My Work

My true expertise is in loving you to life. During our time together I hold space for you to feel safe in order to get down to your true core desires and design a beautiful lifestyle of happiness and health. While connected with women all over the world I am able to wrap my arms around them, their lives and their dreams to nurture their journeys. Together we gain clarity and focus and move toward living life out life in boldness and vibrance.

As most of you know I’ve lived quite a bit of life. Being a multi-passion person has led me to many interesting lines of work.  I spent 7 years in the military learning personal development skills and discipline that are threaded through many of my teachings today. Over the last 15 years I’ve studied

Life Coaching, Yoga, Holistic Nutrition and Fitness

with masters all over the world.  I will to continue educate myself fiercely for the rest of my life.

On the creative side of life I spent years singing professionally, dabbling in the theatrical and television world and studied ballroom dancing.

Why do I feel the need to tell you this? To remind you to stay on the paths that excite you and to continue to follow your heart. To remind you not to allow your past to be the story that stops you from living life out loud. It feels amazing to not leave any parts of myself behind. I spent years trying to choose one of my many passions and now I understand that they all work hand in hand. All of these experiences have led me to you and your life transformation.

So Lets Do This!



  • After giving birth I never thought I would get back into shape – after 3 weeks with Tiffany I saw significant results and the journey continues. Tiffany is creative, patient, and pushes you beyond your limits.
    Erika M.
  • "I literally watched my body shape change in the first 4-weeks.  My program with Tiffany has been superb. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is serious about looking feeling and  good."
    David Jack Harris
  • Tiffany is one in a million. Truly a gem. A genuine human being and gifted life coach with a sincere desire to help you create whatever it is your heart desires. Within minutes of our first session, Tiffany was able to help me see my life from a completley different vantage point, one that lit a spark and has begun to fuel my life in ways that I didn't even imagine. Encouraging, truthful, skilled, dedicated, and professional. Not to mention a pure joy to be around! Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I feel extremely blessed to have found her and incredibly grateful for her presence in my life. She's my go-to when I feel stuck and is always right on the money. WIth Tiffany, you get SO much more than a life coach and yoga instructor. I hope you do yourself the favor of working with her!
    Lucy Martire
  • “I had the amazing opportunity to work with Tiffany in both a one on one, and group setting. Both were life changing. Tiffany's ability to listen beyond words, and provide an honest perspective left me empowered. She was able to provide coaching on all the issues I was dealing with. I now live a life that's bold and on fire as a result of her gentle words and direction."
    Samantha Smith
  • “Tiffany, more than anyone, means it when she says she wants to help you. She listens to what your goals are, what your fears are, what you really want to accomplish, and then she figures out what you need to do to get make it all happen. I could go on and on.”
    Whitney Montgomery
  • “I love the community of women that Tiffany has brought together.  I started going through and still am going through a very hard time. It is an absolute blessing to know that the beautiful women in our tribe are here for me, we are here for each other. I am conscious of the Wild Vibrant Declaration that I committed to. Our exclusive community is my escape to something so peaceful. When can we do a 30 day challenge again Tiffany?!??!!?!?!?"
    Brenda Casiano
  • “Tiffany is a vibrant, beautiful person who truly cares deeply for her tribe! I am a better person knowing that Tiffany has welcomed me into her tribe and I know that she is always available with an article, a smile, or a one word post to make any day special! Honestly my life has been so enriched. Tiffany, the Wild Vibrant Community and the 30 day courses have given me the courage to step out and live an amazing life.”
    Brigid Hopkins
  • “Participating in Tiffany’s 30 Wild Vibrant Days honestly changed my life.  I was able to connect with other like-minding individulals from all across the country who I might not have otherwise encountered.  Tiffany gave assignments that caused me to step outside my little comfort zone, and I realized I truly can change my life.  More than anything, the 30 days heightened my level awareness on every level:  spirit, soul, and body.  I am eternally grateful. On a more personal level, it just feels good to know I have created a bond with someone as noble and just down-right amazing as Tiffany.  She was very interactive and personable throughout the challenge.  She was always vocal, ever-encouraging, and never let us forget that she was right there for us to lean on.  How lovely is that?"
    Jimmye N. Ivory
  • "Tiffany is beyond amazing. Whether it's a fitness and wellness consultation, life coaching, or a yoga session, she truly cares about you. She is so comforting, but she also motivates you in a strong way so you achieve your goals. You will love your time spent with her and look forward to sessions."
    Jessica Marie
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany for the past 12 years. Tiffany has coached me before, during and after all 4 of my children were born both physically and mentally. Tiffany's direct but delicate approach to life's real issues are thought provoking, enlightening and inspiring."
    Alaina Huffman
  • "Tiffany is an amazing coach.  She's conscientious, thoughtful, and insightful.  Most importantly, she's genuine.  She also lives what she teaches.  I am very grateful for having been able to share as part of Tiffany's community, and I look forward to continuing to work with her as I go about creating the life I want."
    Alexis Brown
  • "Tiffany Savion has the rare ability/gift to truly motivate people. Beyond her wonderful words of encouragement but through her actions. She is absolutely relentless in her quest to see people health and happy. Tiffany leads by example and will stop at nothing to show people it is not as difficult as they may think to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been on a journey of weight loss my whole life… and this is the first time I have not felt alone during my journey for that… I simply have to say thank you to her. As I thank tiffany, I feel comfortable enough to think that I am saying thank you on behalf of everybody she’s helped every day. Because of her heart for people… and the willingness to be transparent she will change the lives of millions."
    Aisha McCollum
  • "I can say without equivocation that Tiffany Savion is the most attentive, knowledgeable and committed person I’ve ever worked with. Our sessions together have been the first healthy living experiences in my life that truly feel productive; finally, honestly, making the kind of progress I desire. I owe my increasing health & wellness to Tiffany’s outstanding skill and our mutual commitment to reaching my goals – she’s as knowledgeable about healthy living as she is interested in seeing me succeed. I would never have become one of her clients if I didn’t see her confidence in me from the get-go. I truly can’t recommend her enough."
    Julie K.
  • "Being able to work with and learn from Tiffany has made me a better coach. Her work ethic is infectious and everyday I’ve strived to work hard to give my clients the professionalism that is expected of me and I attribute that to watching how hard Tiffany works for her clients success. I cannot thank her enough!”
    Kevin Moore
  • Tiffany is loving, dynamic and deeply intuitive. She creates a safe space for you to be fully vulnerable so you can create the positive change you want. In addition to her acutely tuned intuition to see where your blocks may be, Tiffany has a lot of tools to support you in progressing forward in your life and towards your goals. With Tiffany on your team, anything is possible!
    Stephanie Kwong

My Declaration


I believe in moving through life with grace & edge. I am determined to sing out, speak out and live out my philosophy of loving hard, serving the world and celebrating life. I believe in traveling the world to educate and lifting others to elevate. I am obsessed with pink, purple and turquoise and I think it should be splashed everywhere. I believe in amazing coffee shops and ridiculously good food. I cannot live without flowers, glitter, and dresses. I believe in an attitude of gratitude. I believe in wild hair, pretty eyes and open hearts. Connecting to the earth is my breath. The ocean is my love affair. Music speaks for my silence. Dancing cures everything. I believe in kindness and courage.  I live heavily meditated. I love capturing moments only to set them free. I believe in ruthless self examination. I live for the truth. I believe in laughing until it hurts. I believe in pushing until it works. I am Tiffany Savion . I believe in you and I believe in me.


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